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Control Mode Of Bag Making Machine In Bag Making Process

Date:2020.07.19   Views:666

The reason why plastic bag making machine can complete the bagging process efficiently and accurately is that there are systematic control methods, and corresponding control methods for different actions to ensure the accuracy and stability of the operation. The specific ways are as follows:
Firstly, the discharging switch is opened, and the storage motor is controlled by the storage photoelectricity to store the quantitative materials. At the same time, when the heating control switch is turned on, the hot knife can be heated through the thermostat to achieve the temperature required for operation. Secondly, the stepper motor can drive the action of raw materials. The white bag sealing machine determines that the stepper motor stops at a fixed number of steps to achieve fixed length control. The color bag sealing machine realizes positioning control by detecting the corresponding signal of the electric eye to stop the stepper motor. The effect is very good.
When the stepping motor stops running, the three-phase asynchronous motor will also drive the hot knife to seal and cut. When the number of bags is set, the bag-making machine can enter the whole bag-making process, so that the whole bag-making process of the carry bag making machine is completed.

What points should we pay attention to in daily operation?

Points for attention in daily operation of bag making machine:
1. Develop the good habit of checking the temperature self-control of bag-making machine is intact, the heating apparatus is intact, and the heating temperature of each point should be adjusted in time within the scope of the index; if there are any abnormalities, it should be solved in time.
2. Check the traction speed of bag making machine and control the thickness of film; ensure that no deviation is done in the production process, and improve the quality as far as possible.
3. Observe whether the film thickness is uniform, whether the folding diameter meets the standard, and whether the blowing width is deviated; and adjust it appropriately


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