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MINI-SJ-45/2L-ABA Three Layers Co-extrusion Film Blowing Machine Set

crew Diameter:Φ45mm×2、Zhoushang
Screw Ratio: L/D 30:1
Screw Material:38CrMoALA
Screw Speed: 10-120 r/min

Usage and Characteristics

Main Specification


Screw Diameter:Φ45mm×2                           Zhoushang

Screw Ratio: L/D 30:1

Screw Material:38CrMoALA

Screw Speed: 10-120 r/min

Control System:


Touch Screw: DELTA


Barrel Heating:Ceramic Heating Coil

Barrel Cooling:Air Cooling in the second area

Cooling Fan:350W*6

Reducer:133*2  Hard Tooth Surface Gear Box           Hangzhou, Weili

Main Motor:11kw *2                                  Shanghai

Main Motor Cooling Fan: 350W*2

Main Motor Inverter: 11kw *2                             VICHI

Temperature Sensor:10pcs                                     

Temperature Controllers:  PLC  

Screen Changer: Fast Screen Changer

Screen Changer Heating: Ceramic Heating Coil

Die Head: ABA Three Layers Die Head

Die Head Diameter: 60mm

Die Head Heating: 3 zone

Die Head Heating Coil: Ceramic Heating Coil

Die head Gap: 1mm

Air Ring

Type: Double Lips Air Ring.

Material: Cast Aluminum


Power of Main Blower:  2kw

Bubble Stabilizer

Type: Pendulum Lever

V plate

Type: Channel Steel Frame With Wooden Plate

Adjust Method: Manual Adjust

Gusset Device

Type: Aluminum Roller

Adjust Method: Manual Adjust

Side Folding Range: 0-130mm

Traction unit

Traction Motor:1.1KW                         Shanghai                            

Traction Inverter:1.1KW                        Vichi

Gear Box:High precision planetary reducer

First Banana Roller:Φ60mm, 1 pcs

First Shining Roller: Φ80mm, 1pcs

First Rubber Roller:Φ80mm, 1 pcs

Embossing Roller: 1pcs, high precision

Traction roller clamp method: Pneumatic

Winding Machine: Single Position frication Winding Machine

Torque Motor: 20N*1

Torque Governor: 20A*1

Second Traction Roller Clamping Method: Pneumatic Clamping

Second Banana Roller: Φ80mm, 1pcs

Second Rubber Roller: Φ80mm, 1pcs

Second Shining Roller: Φ140mm, 1pcs

Air Shaft: 2pcs

Traction Frame: Square Type Integrated Traction Frame With 1 Layers Ladder

Electric Elements: Full Set                           Chint,China

Thickness of Film: 0.01-0.10mm

Film folding width: 60-600mm(single side)

Output: 40-80KG/H

Overall Dimension(L*W*H): 2600x2400x2600mm

HDPE Traction Lift Range: 700mm(total height 3300mm)

LDPE Traction Lift Range:1300mm(total height 3900mm)

Machine Weight: 2500KG

Total Power: 50KW

Power Supply: 3 Phases,4 lines, 380V, 50Hz

Air Compressor: 1.5KW

Options: can be added according to requirement, but extra cost

11KW Siemens Main Motor: 2 pcs, 300usd

11KW Delta Inverter: 2 pcs,300usd

600mm Corona Treater : 500usd

Fast Screen Changer:500usd

Auto Loader: 2 pcs, 700usd

Schneider Electric Elements: Fully Sets, 350usd.

Double Rewinders : 1500usd

Machine Details View

Main motor with Cooling Fan, hard tooth surface gear box

Barrel and screw , Ceramic Heater 

with three zone cooling

ABA there layers die head with double 

lips air ring


Upper Traction Unit: Lift range 

for HDPE 700mm, Lift Range for 

LDPE/LLDPE 1300mm 

Traction Unit Lift System

Single Position Friction Rewinder: Equipped 

with 140mm Shining Roller, 80mm banana

roller, and two air shaft

Electric Elements


Control System- use DELTA computer and PLC

1.5KW Silent Air Compressor


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