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2020 The New Non-woven Mulfifuctional Flat Bag Making Machine

Date:2020.09.12   Views:2883

     In order to further cater to the market, our factory's new non-woven bag making machine is mainly used for the production of flat bags(d-cut bags) and vest bags (t-shirt bags).This is due to the fact that most countries have not fully recovered from the COVID-19, but the market for non-woven bags is in great demand.And to make it less risky for investors who are ready to invest in this businessthe emergence of this product is inevitable.

     This machine uses non-woven fabrics material.It can produce many kinds and sizes of non-woven flat bags (d-cut bags)  and vest bags (w-cut bags) .

     It is equipped with two computer touch screens,step motor to control the length and photocell to track accurately and steadily.There are control devices like auto-counting alarming,auto-punching etc.Which make the finished products well-sealed and nice-cutting with high speed and efficiency.It is an ideal environmental friendly bag making equipments.

     So ,if you wanna start new business like non-woven bags,why not choose it?We can provide CE certificate and a wealth of experience can help make your new business easier and simpler to operate.


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