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Automatic Non Woven Vest Bag Making Machine

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Automatic non woven vest bag making machine The process can be fully automated. As long as 1 is operated, the production speed and product size can be adjusted within the range. The multi-functional Automatic non woven vest bag making machine uses touch screen operation, with step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking (accurate and stable operation), automatic counting (set counting alarm), automatic punching and other industrial control devices. At the same time, in order to further realize the performance of energy saving, it has the function of waste recovery in the production process. It can automatically collect the waste left in bagging during the production process, which is helpful for the secondary utilization, reduces the labor intensity and increases the work efficiency.Automatic non woven vest bag making machine for traditional needle-type sewing, the use of ultrasonic bonding, needle and thread free, eliminating the process of changing thread, there is no traditional thread sewing broken joint situation, but also for non-woven cloth neat local shearing and sealing.

 The working speed is fast, the sealing edge does not crack, does not damage the fabric edge, and does not have the phenomenon of burr and crimping. At the same time, ultrasonic bonding eliminates the degradation of fibers caused by thermal bonding, the effect of adhesive layer on the porosity of materials, and delamination after receiving the impact of liquid.             The ultrasonic bonding equipment is mainly composed of ultrasonic generator and roller. The main components of the ultrasonic generator are horn, power supply and transformer. The horn, also known as the radiation head, can gather sound waves onto a single plane; the roller, also known as the anvil, is used to gather heat released from the horn of the ultrasonic generator. The bonded material is placed between the horn of the ultrasonic generator and the roller continuously, and is bonded together under low static force. Frequency converter converts electric power into high frequency electric energy, then converts electric energy into ultrasonic oscillator, and converts it into vibration energy. The vibration energy is amplified by an amplifying system and transmitted to the horn. The acoustic tool contacts the material to be bonded. These super-auditory frequencies cause mechanical pressure between molecules, release heat, destroy the molecular bonding in the material, cause the melting of the material at the bonding point, and then use mechanical pressure to bond two or more layers of material together.


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