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Plastic convenience bags, necessities of life, this insignificant small product, but can affect millions of families, closely related to people's lives, family needs, whether shopping in supermarkets or shopping in markets, regardless of urban and rural, season, clothing, food, shelter and transportation everywhere, everyone needs, stores are necessary, is a wide range of our country,a large number of disposable consumer goods.
Production of convenience bags, considerable profits, huge market, never exhausted. It can be said that as long as there are trading places, there is no lack of convenient bags. According to preliminary statistics, each person consumes at least one plastic bag every day. A city or town needs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of plastic bags every day. The sales channels are very wide, the market consumption is amazing, and the market demand is growing every day. Plastic convenient bags need no brand, and the supply exceeds the demand. The low value and easy consumption of convenience bags determine that the market will never be saturated. The production of convenient bags has the advantages of small investment, quick return and lasting and stable economic benefits.
Due to hundreds of thousands of yuan of large-scale equipment, large investment, energy consumption, not conducive to personal and household production. In view of this situation, our company's scientific research personnel combined the advanced experience at home and abroad, boldly innovated, reformed the production process of large-scale equipment, and successfully developed a series of plastic bag making machine and small plastic film bag making machine.
Economic Benefit Analysis
Take the common vest bags (convenience bags, handbags) in the market as an example: 18 cm wide raw materials can produce 600-1000 bags per kilogram of materials (the thinner the material is, the more the production). The wholesale price is 1.0-1.5 yuan per 100 bags (generally less than 100 bags), and each bag can sell for 1.0-1.5 cents. Material 2.5-3.0 yuan per kilogram, the cost of each bag is 0.5-0.6 points, and each bag can make a profit of 0.5-0.8 points. According to the daily output of 100,000, the daily profit is 10,000 (0.5-0.8 points) = 500-800 yuan. The bigger the bag, the higher the profit. With color printing, profits will be higher. (Note: Sales prices are calculated at the national average level)
Because there are too many types of plastic bags, it is impossible to give examples one by one. We can inform the calculation method. You can buy 100-200 plastic bags of the same specification and weigh them (weight must be accurate). The cost of each bag can be calculated by 2.5-3.5 yuan of raw materials. The gross profit is the price of plastic bags you buy minus the cost. Generally, each can earn 0.5-1 points, the higher is more than 2 points. After printing pictures and texts, the profit is more abundant. Every day, the production of 3-200,000, the profit is very considerable.


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