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The Most Suitable for Printing PVC Gravure Printing Press

Date:2020.10.13   Views:3127

    The Most Suitable for Printing PVC Gravure Printing Press

  The two most commonly used types of printing machines are gravure and flexible printing machine,let's talk about gravure printing machine today.

  Its first advantage was that all materials could be printed,it is suitable for multi-color once-through continuous printing for roll film materials with excellent printing performance such as BOPP,PET,PVC,PE,aluminum foil and paper,etc.

   The machine is equipped with latest improved gear box, 360 non-stopping registration device; pneumatic doctor blade for transverse reciprocating motion; Closed type oven, automatic constant temperature system; Side and up double drying oven system; Unwinding and feeding equipped with auto-tension controller and magnetic powder brake; Rewinding and output adopt magnetic powder clutch to control the tension; Turret type unwinding and rewinding mechanism, receiving and replacing material without stopping; Inflatable air shaft for unwinding/rewinding material loading; Printing linear speed and meter indication; Pneumatic printing impress roller and traction impress roller; Pneumatic nip roller for in unwinding and rewinding; Main motor: electromagnetic speed regulation motor.

   All of the components are pneumatic devices greatly increase the convenience,the computerized color register makes the color accurate,and no matter what kind of printing materials are not easy to fade.

   Many customer know that our factory can customization machine ,we are also factory with largest custom-size of gravure printing press.

   Do you have printing needs?Why not contact us and let's solve it for you.


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