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The Advantange Of Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Date:2020.07.20   Views:3520

Many consumers have chosen non-woven bags instead of plastic bags. The experts of non woven bag making machine suppliers will give you a brief analysis of its advantages compared with plastic bags, hoping that you can know more about this product.

Its function and plastic bag have many similarities. It is much thicker than the back of the plastic bag, so it has better toughness, so it can be reused.

Its use can reduce garbage generation very well. At the same time, because the price of non-woven bags is much more practical than plastic bags, it is more easily accepted by consumers as a gift.

It also has a much better service life than plastic bags. So consumers use it for a long time, but it also brings good publicity.

Non-woven bags from non woven bag making machine have air permeability that plastic bags do not have, so they can be used when many need air permeability.

Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bags are also more upscale, which is one of the reasons for the good publicity effect.

What are the design concepts and precautions of non-woven environmental protection bags?

Experts from non woven bag making machine suppliers have talked about the design concept of non-woven bag and a lot of matters needing attention. However, in order to better let you remember these knowledge, non woven bag making machine suppliers once again to popularize it for you.

First, understand the design principle of non-woven environmental protection bags from non woven bag making machine:

1. Environmental protection, so the use of environmentally friendly non-woven fabrics as production materials, can be reused, can be recycled.
2. Convenience, waterproof cloth is easy to dry, easy to wipe and clean;
3. Labor-saving: Planning wristband accessories, wrist, back of hand, palm separated from the force; and the lifting belt constitutes a flat force area, carrying heavy things without pulling hands, 100 meters away labor-saving effect is remarkable. It has the function of anti-contention.
4. Beautiful and generous design of non-woven environmental protection bags will be more popular

Matters needing attention:

1. When making handbag, first of all, we should coat the knitted fabric or non-woven fabric to make it have better weight-bearing and water-proof performance.
2. Handlebars, when sewing, must be meticulous, do not perfunctory, many manufacturers in order to save time, a simple sewing is over, if loading a little more items, it will be very easy to break.
3. For non-woven handbags, when they are coated, the thickness of the coatings should be slightly larger than that of the plastic woven materials, while the plastic woven materials themselves have strong loading capacity, but the non-woven sheets are not like this.

These seem simple, but it takes a little thought to really remember them. A non-woven environmental bag from non woven bag making machine seems small, but it contains a lot of secrets. Especially those consumers of non-woven environmental protection bags, must be clear about these design concepts and precautions, save the embarrassing situation when looking for customized manufacturers of non-woven environmental protection bags.


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