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The Working Principle Of The Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Date:2020.07.20   Views:1300

The working principle of the automatic non woven vest bag making machine is as follows:

The automatic non woven vest bag making machine uses high frequency oscillation to transmit sound wave from the weld joint to the weld surface of the workpiece, instantly causes friction of the molecule of the workpiece to reach the plastic melting point, thus completes the rapid dissolution of solid materials, can clean and weld the textiles, has strong bonding force, takes non-woven fabric as raw material, fully automatic production, easy operation. Fully automatic non-woven bag making machine is a hopper which feeds powder (colloid or liquid) to the top of the packing machine in real time. The speed of introduction is controlled by photoelectric positioning device. The rolled sealing paper (or other packing material) is driven by the guide roller to the lapel shaper. After being bended, it is lapped by the longitudinal sealing device to form a cylinder. The material is automatically measured and filled into the bag. At the same time, the sealing device pulls the bag cylinder downward intermittently, and finally forms a flat bag with three overlapping longitudinal seams to seal one bag.

Cautions for operation of automatic non woven vest bag making machine:

1. Close the main power switch of the machine tool, check whether the equipment is leaking electricity, preheat the barrel and die according to the set technological temperature requirement, and keep the barrel warm for more than 20 minutes when the temperature reaches the technological temperature, so as to ensure the uniformity of the temperature in all parts of the barrel. If no abnormal phenomena are found, the oil pump can be officially started, and the operation can be performed only after the "motor is turned on" is displayed on the screen to check whether the function of the safety door is normal.

2. Manual start screw rotation, check screw rotation sound abnormal and stuck.

3. Operators must use safety doors. For example, when the safety door travel switch fails, they are not allowed to turn on, and they are strictly prohibited from using safety doors (covers) to operate.

4. All kinds of covers and protective covers of the electrical, hydraulic and rotating parts of the running equipment should be well covered and fixed.

5. Non-on-duty operators are not allowed to press buttons or handles without permission. Two or more persons are not allowed to operate the same film blower at the same time. Relevant personnel troubleshoot.

6. When the machine is repaired or the mould is cleaned for a long time (more than 10 minutes), the injection seat must be retreated so that the nozzle leaves the mould, the motor is turned off, and the operator is not allowed to leave the post when the repairman repairs the machine.

7. The power supply must be cut off when the body enters the machine tool or when the die opens. Avoid dangerous areas. When cleaning the rubber head of the nozzle, it is not allowed to clean directly by hand, and iron forceps or other tools should be used to avoid scalding. Climbing and shelving items in case of soup injury, electric shock and fire.

8. When the hopper is not loaded, metal bars and rods are not allowed to be used, and the hopper is roughly jammed to avoid damage to the dividing screen, shield cover and magnet frame in the hopper. If the screw rotates, it is very easy to cause serious damage to the equipment when the metal bars are rolled into the barrel.

9. When abnormal noises, odors, sparks and oil leaks are found in the operation of the automatic non woven vest bag making machine, the machine should stop immediately, report to the relevant personnel immediately, and explain the phenomena and possible causes of the failure.

10. Pay attention to safe operation. Do not use any reason or excuse to make operation mode that may cause personal injury or damage to equipment.


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